Learning Greetings in Five Filipino Languages/Dialects

Hi Everyone, this is Keishon’s wife, Veronica, some of you may have seen me in the photos of his previous blogs. I have created and decided to share an Educational Video on the different Filipino Greetings.

In the video you will learn Greetings in the five major Languages/dialects of the Philippines. These language/dialects are: Tagalog, Ilongo, Cebuano, Ilocano, Bicolano.

The first greeting is “Hello” in tagalog this is “Kumusta” while in Ilonggo this is “kamusta”. Cebuano on the other hand is “kumusta”, in Ilocano they say “kablaaw” and for Bicolano its “musta”.

The first greeting is “Hello” in tagalog this is “Kumusta” while in Ilonggo this is “kamusta”. Cebuano on the other hand is “kumusta”, in Ilocano they say “kablaaw” and for Bicolano its “musta”.

The next greetings we are going to translate is the greeting “How are you?” in Tagalog they say “kumusta ka?” but in Ilonggo and Cebuano they say it “kamusta ka?”. For Ilocanos “How are you?” is “kamusta kan?” while Bicolano says “musta”.

Lets also try to translate the greeting “Good morning”, so to say good morning in Tagalog is “magandang umaga” while Ilonggo it ‘s “maayong aga”, and for Cebuano’s they say “maayong buntag”, Ilonano’s says ” Naimbag a bigat”and Bicolano says “Marhay na aga”.

Now let us move to the greeting “Good day!”, so if the person is Tagalog, you have to say “Magandang araw” but if the person is Ilonggo and Cebuano you should say “Maayong adlaw” and if you happen to greet Ilocano’s you should say good day as “Naimbag nga aldaw” while Bicolano’s says “marhay na aldaw”.

If there is Good morning, Good day there is also Good afternoon in the five major languages. In Tagalog good afternoon  is “Magandang hapon” while in Ilonggo and Cebuano they say “Maayong hapon”, while Ilocano’s “Naimbag a malem” and Bicolano’s say “Marhay hapon”.

Good evening on the other hand in Tagalog is “Magandanng gabi”, in Ilonggo this is “Maayong gab-i”, Cebuano’s says “Maayong gabii”, Ilocano’s says “Naimbag a rabii” and Bicolano’s says “Marhay na banggi”.

Now if you want to say thank you in Tagalog, Ilonggo and Cebuano you should say “salamat” while in Ilocano its “Agyamanak” and in Bicolano it is “Dios Mabalos”.

Last greeting is Goodbye, so in Tagalog this is “Paalam” and in Ilonggo it is “Asta sa liwat bai”, Cebuano it is “babay”, Ilocano is “pakada” and in Bicolano it is “Paaram”.


Spoken Word from Songs of Songs

WRITTEN BY: Veronica & Keishon Aban

BACKGROUND: Veronica and I were ask to do an item for our Graduation for Married for Life Graduation. The idea was taken from Jackie Hill Perry & her husband Preston Perry, who did a spoken word piece titled: “The Fall” which was based on “Genesis 3”.

So Veronica and I loved the way they did it and decided to follow the conversational type spoken word that they did in that piece.. To create this, we spend a couple of hours combing through the entire book of Songs of Solomon, and this was the end result.

Keishon: First time I met you it was just as a dove descended from Heaven (Song 2:14)

Nica: You are the rose of Sharon, the lily of my valley (Song 2:1)

Keishon: You are beautiful, my love (Song 1:15)

Nica: My love, my perfect one, is the only one pure (Song 6:9)

Keishon: There is no flaw in you, my love (Song 4:7)

Nica: My beloved is radiant and glowing (Song 5:10)

Keishon: Nothing can quench my love for you (Song 8:7)

Nica: Let me see your lovely face and let me hear that sweet voice (Song 2:14)

Keishon: Even though I am asleep my heart is awake (Song 5:2)

Nica: On my bed, I sought him whom my soul loves. (Song 3:1)

Keishon: You have captivated my heart, my sister, my bride (Song 4:9)

Nica: Seal me upon your heart for my love is stronger than death (Song 8:6)

Keishon: Your lips drip nectar, your tongue is like honey (Song 4:11)

Nica: Your mouth is sweet and desirable. (Song 5:16)

Keishon: If I find you outside, I would kiss you (Song 8:1)

Nica: Put you left hand under my head, and your right hand to embraces me (Song 8:3)

Together: Thank you Lord for giving me the love of my life

Trip to Vigan, Ilocos Sur 2019

Baguio to Vigan

We arrived at the Partas Terminal in Governor Pack Road, Baguio at 6:22am and found that they have merged the 7:30am Vigan Bus into the 7am Laoag Bus. So we took it and were on our way to Vigan. Vigan is roughly six (6) hours from Baguio. The Bus stopped in San Fernando, Bacnotan, Balaoan and Bangar, La Union with only 2 stops in Candon & Santa Lucia, Ilocos Sur.



Arrived in Bantay, Ilocos Sur

We arrived around 1 pm in Bantay, Ilocos Sur. I pre-booked a place in Bantay because it is easy access for bus from both Vigan and Laoag to Baguio. King Henry Transcient was our choice. The steward there was very welcoming and accommodating. When we finally check-in, we rested for a couple of hours.

Around 5 pm, we decided to head out and haled a tricycle. My wife and I were prepared to debate with the fare, because from other blogs, we found that tricycle drivers overcharge tourist. See Vigan Tricycle Fare Matrix as of 2017 below.


A decision was made since in Baguio to just hop Tricycles instead of hiring one to tour. Our first tourist site was the Bantay Church Bell Tower. We climbed up to the top of the tower to take out photos.


Then we took another Tricycle to the Provincial Capital Building and Plaza Salcedo (Dancing Fountain) at the city center. The Dancing Fountain started like 7:30pm, but it was a beautiful sight to see.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

After the show, we walked down to Calle Crisologo, with its stone cobble streets and Spanish architecture.


After eating some Vigan Empanada from the food stalls close to Calle Crisologo, we decided to head back to our Transcient.

The next day, our plan was the spend the morning at the Baluarte Zoo. It is owned by former governor of Ilocos Sur, Sir. Chavit Singson. The Safari Tour is P250 per head for 1 and half hour safari. We saw Giraffes, Deers, Gazelles, lions, tigers and snakes. My son and daughter fed the Giraffes. Its P100 per feed.

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The tour started around 9am and we finished around 10:15am. Feeling kinda disappointed because we did not get to see the Leo, the Great White Lion. We found out that Leo was afraid of people and always running to hide. So we did not get to see him.

We took a Horse ride from Baluarte Zoo back to Crisologo Museum in Vigan. Here, we learned the history of the Crisologo Family, who were heroes of Ilocos Sur.

After the Museum, we eat at Mang Insal and went to the Transient to get ready for the 3 pm Partas Bus to Baguio.

All in all, this Vigan trip was short sweet and what we needed. It was a quick getaway from our busy life as a family.

Happiness Vs Gratefulness

I have been thinking about the difference between these two words.

The Hebrew definition for Happiness is; “The agreeable sensations which spring from the enjoyment of good; that state of a being in which his desires are gratified, by the enjoyment of pleasure without pain”, and the the Greek translation defines happiness as “Blessedness”. However, R. A Torrey states that happiness derives from a relationship with God. (Psalms 144:15).

The Greek definition for Grateful is; “Having a due sense of benefits; kindly disposed towards one from whom a favor has been received”, the Hebrew states “Grace” is the best word to describe grateful.

From reading the bible, happiness is considered to be satisfaction of the tangible and gratefulness is the satisfaction of the intangible.

I know I am going to be called a heretic here but lets look at it from a reasonable view. If Happiness/blessedness comes from being in a relationship God, but gratefulness/grace comes from Christ. Then why are we Christians seeking happiness in a house, job, car, etc. Someone asked me a couple of weeks ago, if I am happy with my job, life, etc. My response was, “I am Grateful for my job, life, etc. But I would never be happy, because true happiness comes from God”. Now, majority of us say that we are happy to have a job, lets say you lose your job, would you still be happy? This means we are putting our job as our God. But when we are grateful, no matter if we lose our jobs, house, car, etc; we can still thank God for the experiences that came with it and continue thanking God in advance for future happiness/blessings he is going to bestow upon us (happiness based on intangible).

Lets look at another dimension of this, Do you know, when we are happy in the tangibles, we become more settled and comfortable and then we become more complacent to the spiritual things, which are the finer things for God and take a laid back approach to life now things are going our way (happiness based on tangible).

To summon this up nicely. True happiness is really when we reach heaven, there an old hymn, “when we all get to heaven”, and this hymn is the best definition of happiness, because in heaven, we won’t get complacent in our happiness, because we won’t be in our fleshly nature (tangible) but in our spiritual nature (intangible). We won’t be as Paul states in Romans 7:15-25.

My recommendation is, we need to be satisfied with the intangibles (spiritual), because that’s all we’re going to heaven with.

Trip to Ilocos Norte in 2017

Baguio to Laoag

Upon arrival at the terminal, we were informed that the 10pm bus is already overbooked and was recommended to take the 8pm bus instead. So my wife and I decided to take it. It was a smooth ride, my wife slept through 7 hours of the ride unlike me, I was not able to sleep.


Arrival in Laoag City

We arrived in Laoag around 4am. We decided to wait till its brighter to start walking to the nearest fast-food restaurant for breakfast. Around 5:00 am, we left Farinas Trans terminal and starting walking south to the Tobacco Monument. It was a sight to see. Then we walked north to where the local fast-food restaurant is located.

When we finished eating around 6:00 am, we decided to walk and follow the map I have downloaded of the city in search of a hotel. While walking down Ilanes Street, according to the map, we saw a guy (John Mariano) washing down his tri-cycle and decided to ask for directions to the hotel we saw on the map. He then explained to us that all hotels are booked due to a joint conference of Couples for Christ and Youth for Christ, but said he will help us find one, because it was Saturday and the conference should be on its last day. He offered us a tour of the city and environs for around 700 pesos. It includes all sites within the city and the historic sites outside which are in the municipalities of Paoay and Batac, approximately 30 minutes from Laoag City. We decided to take the offer since it was already early and I did not sleep proper on the bus. After a good 30 minutes of going around Laoag City looking for hotels. We decided to ask him to start the tour on the outskirts of town and then maybe by the time we finished outskirts, rooms may become vacant. He loved my suggestion and asked that he returned home to change his clothes since our meeting was spontaneous; he needed to change from home attire to tour guide attire. He was very hospitable, he even offered us to use his bathroom to freshen-up for the tour. He advised us to buy water and stuff for hydration since Ilocos Norte is very hot.

The Tour

We left Laoag City around 8:00am for Paoay, where the UN Heritage Site, the Paoay Church, which is one of the oldest church in the Philippines. He assisted in taking photos of us. He even gave us private time to explore the church’s gardens.


After Paoay Church, we went to Batac City, the home town of the Late Ferdinand E. Marcos. There, he brought us to the Photo Gallery Building, where we saw the life of the Marcos Family from his wife’s beauty pageant days to the children’s growth and Marcos’ educational and military accomplishments.  It was an eye-opener to see all these historical photos. We also visited the Marcos Museum which is on the compound where the late president grew up. I was told by the tour guide that his wife, Lady Imelda, still lives on the compound in the family house adjacent to the museum.


The next stop was Malacanang Palace of the North. It was a wonderful experience seeing all the beauty of this place. In the library of the palace was the history of the social, infrastructural and economical development projects like schools, hospitals, specialized health care centers, farming innovations and international airports that the late president undertook during his controversial reign of the Philippines.

After the Palace of the North, as I call it, we went to the newest monument which is on the outskirts of Laoag City on a rotunda (roundabout). It is called the Ilocano Migrant Monument. It is new and most people ignore it because it is not of historic value, but to our tour guide, he believes this monument though new is significant to Ilocos Norte, because Ilocos Norte, is the birthplace of all ancestral Ilocanos. Therefore, everyone who is of Ilocano descent can trace his/her roots back to Ilocos Norte. Its good to hear this from our tour guide and I realize it was new because while taking out photos, there was no signs indicating what this monument is about.

Next, the inside city tour. He brought us to the Tobacco Monument, Marcos Hall of Justice, Laoag City Hall, the Provincial Hall, Sinking Bell Tower and the St. Williams Cathedral. He even showed me how to angle myself to take out the entire tower. He also offered to bring us to the Ilocos Norte Museum and the Heritage Pottery but we declined and requested to continue the search for a hotel. After 20 mins of searching we final found one. We thanked John for assisting us and also tipped him.

I recommend tipping your tour guide if he/she has done well as a tour guide. The bible states: “Those who work deserve their pay!” (1 Timothy 5:18b).


Laoag Evening Walk

After a couple of hours rest, my wife and I decided to explore the inner parts of Laoag on foot. Though John would have brought us there, we believed that the best pictures for the city tour would be at the evening. So we walked from the hotel to the Tobacco Monument, Marcos Hall of Justice, Laoag City Hall, the Provincial Hall, Sinking Bell Tower and the St. Williams Cathedral to do an evening photoshoot. We were not disappointed with our evening walk around Laoag City Center… The historic buildings are more beautiful at nights.


About John Mariano (Our Tour Guide)

He was an excellent tour guide. Friendly, caring, concerned and puso ng Ilocos Norte (Heart for Ilocos Norte). History is his strong point for me, because every where he brought us, he would share with us something historical and even myths and tales of some of these places. As a foreigner, I am very hard to please, but John has impressed me well with his knowledge and love for Ilocos Norte.

If anyone is interested in a tour guide, I recommend John Mariano. His contacts are below.

Cellphone #: +639474997256 or +639159171038

Facebook: John Lakwatsa Ilocos


Why you should not marry these women: Nurses, Police Women, Lawyers, TV Anchors, Politicians

When it comes to good wives, there are careers you should not consider marrying women from. There are shocking reasons why police women, TV news anchors, nurses, lawyers and politicians don’t make good wives.
A police woman carries so much power that when her husband tries to raise a hand, he is told.. “Unless you want to rot in jail”.
It is very hard to tame a police woman, unless you have some authority that can neutralize her powers.
Another obvious reason what these women don’t make good wives is the fact that they are rarely at home to cook for the husband. Just when you are about to sleep, a phone call rings, demanding that she must report on duty. And when you are about to settle in a city, your wife is transferred to hardship areas.

Nursing profession is a calling, just like NUNS. These people always attend to patients in critical conditions as well as stable conditions. The psychological torture they go through make them lose interest in bedroom matters, which is why they are cold in bed.

It is also reported that Nurses, on duty, befriend doctors. So-when the husband is warming the bed alone, the nurse is warming a room in hospital alongside her “lover”, doctor. Sometimes-I have witnessed before-some nurses sleep with patients.
——– LAWYERS———
Lawyers are powerful people in society. If you want to lose your home, property, your children and even your entire life, marry a female lawyer. If your wife is an activist, chances of leading a miserable life are very high.
One interesting thing about female lawyers is that they understand law very well; they can easily manipulate you when buying property or making any investment.
One common character about lawyers is that they are used to handling cases, so even when the husband tries to discipline her, he will be reminded that courts exist. A man will, therefore, be left living like a slave.
These are the worst people to marry.TV presenters are extremely beautiful, and since they appear on screens daily, chances of catching the eye of the high and mighty are high. You know one thing with women, they can’t resist power and money.so-if a wealthy person approaches her, even if she is married, chances of her accepting the advances are almost 100 %.
The poor husband will be left dying of depression as a wealthy man elope with his wife.
You can only manage these girls if you have power and money.
Women politicians are all over. It is very hard to find a female politician who is happily married and faithful-if she is faithful then there is something wrong with her.
These politicians are also law makers, so chances of intimidating husbands are very high


Source: http://trendinghub.info/2016/07/13/why-you-should-not-marry-these-women-nurses-police-women-lawyers-tv-anchors-politicians/

10 Caribbean Bush Remedies

Before there was Buckley’s, Paracetamol, Ibuprofen, Antibiotics and Advil, there was orange peel tea and ‘zebapeak’.

Here are 10 bush remedies you may or may not have had the pleasure of trying:

1. Orange peel tea/Ginger tea

This doesn’t actually taste that horrible. Almost every Caribbean islander will be familiar with long strands of orange peels being hung to dry somewhere in Granny’s kitchen, which, when steeped in hot water, made a mild tea designed to cure indigestion and/or gassiness.

Ginger tea, meanwhile, is popularly known as a nausea/indigestion remedy.

2. Lemongrass/Fevergrass tea

This tea is supposed to reduce fevers in those suffering from the common cold and flu. It can also be used as an antiseptic.

3. Vervine

The tea is used to stimulate the production of breast milk of nursing mothers; or also for cooling and cleansing the body, the leaf juice is said to be used for rashes and worms.

4. Zepapique

The notorious Zepapique or ‘zebapeak’ tea is known for its horrible taste and reputation for curing your worst cold and flu problems. With a taste like that, it better.

5. Senna leaves

Older folks will be familiar with this dreadful remedy or ‘purge’, used as a de-worming remedy once or twice a year for poor unsuspecting children. Make sure your day is completely free when you decide to drink this tea!

6. Soursop Leaf

The humble soursop tree not only bears a delicious fruit but also has the secret to a good night’s sleep in its leaves, which is steeped to make a tea before bedtime.

7. Aloes

Another bitter concoction, suggesting that anything good for you tends to taste awful. The Aloe Vera plant is also said to have detoxing properties when blended and eaten.  To avoid the bitterness, it’s best to blend it up and mix into orange juice. Good luck.

8. Wonder Plant or Wonder of the World

This unassuming, slightly thick leafy plant is supposed to help with inflammation and headaches. Known as Bryophyllum Pinnatum in the plant world, the leaf is usually steeped in hot water than sipped as a tea to deal with a pesky cough.

9. Carailli 

While many will know Caraili or bitter melon for its fruit, but some say it can help with an itchy rash by steeping the leaves in water then pouring the water over the afflicted areas.

10. Papaya leaf

The Paw Paw tree is useful for more than just its fruit. Mashing and steeping the leaves of the Paw Paw tree is also said to be good for persons suffering with dengue as it is said to increase the blood platelet count.

Source: http://www.looptt.com/content/10-trini-bush-remedies-taste-mostly-horrible

Beyond Beyond – Movie Review



Beyond Beyond is a story about wanting the impossible. A story about a little rabbit boy not old enough to understand the rules of life, who takes up the fight against the most powerful force. While doing so, he learns more and more about life..

My View

I believe this movie has a strong christian theme. From the soundtrack being a lot of christian songs in the background to even the idea of the Mora who is the one who makes everyone’s destiny. In the movie, the Kingdom of the Feather King has floodgates and only those who Mora (the being acting as God) issue a ticket would be able to enter. The tickets can be symbolic to salvation, because without the ticket, no one can enter the Feather Kingdom. There is also theme of new birth, when people of the feather kingdom started to disobey the rules of Mora. Mora started to flood the place and the feather king had to sacrifice his life to talk to Mora on a possible resolution (forgiveness) that would bring back peace and harmony to the kingdom. When the feather king came back to life, he told the people who Mora did not issue tickets for that he would help them get back on earth until Mora issues their tickets. And those whose tickets were already issued, would have to stay.

I recommend this movie for everyone. Though the christian theme may seem hidden, if one look at the movie properly, they would see the sense that we as humans cannot understand what God is doing when a loved one is gone and when things bad happen to us.




“Freetown” – Movie Review



This film depicts six missionaries and a driver cramming themselves into the cramped space of a small car that took them to Sierra Leone to continue their missions. Along the way, the men encountered rebel leaders who held them at gunpoint, and many times, they physically ran for their lives. It’s 1989 in Liberia, West Africa, and these six missionaries for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints find themselves caught in the midst of a war and are forced to flee to neighboring country Sierra Leone to continue their missions.

My View

This movie has made me think a lot about my faith in Christ. I was amazed that the car survived on one tank of gas and had little damages on the poor roads they had to travel. God had really worked things out. Even in the midst of doubt, God showed his face in every encounter with the rebels. The lesson that we Christians need to learn from this movie is never to doubt God. After all the miracles that God has worked in these guys life, when they arrived to the border, they did not have passports and they started to doubt God. But the driver, whom was a new believer, said, despite the lack of faith, he has seen God worked miracles. And he believes God can get them across the border without passport. And God really did make a way. It was on a ferry that usually cross the river between Liberia and Sierra Leone. Watching this movie reminds me of a song written by Deitrick Haddon but sung by Darwin Hobbs titled “He’s Able”. See link below for the song.

I recommend all faith-based, die hard believers to watch this movie. It really shows how God works and takes care of his people, like the children of Israel in the book of Exodus.


Darwin Hobbs – He’s Able: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KhxT6d5UYcU


“Just The Way You Are” – Movie Review


While journeying back to Baguio from Manila. I got a chance to watch this movie compliments Genesis Transport Inc. Despite, there were four other movies that were shown, I preferred this movie, or should I say, this movie stood out from all the other American movies that was shown on the bus… I love tagalog or taglish movies and so far i have never seen a bad pinoy movie. My favorite Filipino movie for now would be “Maybe This Time” with Coco Martin and Sarah Geronimo and “A Second Chance” with John Lloyd Cruz and Bea Alonzo.

The film is based on the best-selling Pop Fiction book ‘‘The Bet’’ which was originally published on Wattpad by Kimberly Joy Villanueva.


The story follows a popular guy named Drake Sison (Enrique Gil), who makes a bet with his best friend Andrei (Yves Flores), to make the nerdy transfer student, Sophia Taylor (Liza Soberano), fall in love with him in 30 days. Once she falls for him, he must confess that it was all a bet. However, Drake ended up falling in love with Sophia.

Christian Perspective

Though the movie is a secular movie, I found that the themes of Forgiveness and Reconciliation were present. On Drake’s side, he could not forgive his dad because he would out that his dad is cheating on his mom and could not even stay in the same house with him. Then there is Sophia, who found it hard to forgive her dad who destroyed their family through his gambling addiction. At the end, they both realise they have something in common and Drake when he realise how this unforgiveness is holding him back, he confronted his dad. Sophia too had to confront her dad because he came to drop off her little brother because Drake had paid their airfare for the little brother to visit her and her dad must accompany him because he is a minor. So in the process, Sophia had a heart warming reconciliation with her dad. And then there is the forgiveness and reconciliation of Drake and Sophia after she found out that Drake started to pursue her because of a bet.

I recommend this movie. Not because its Filipino, but because it is a good movie to watch. And hope that everyone who watch this movie would practice Forgiveness and Reconciliation…